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On to a healthy lifestyle. We are happy to contribute.

About Chiropractie Lichtstad

In our practice in Eindhoven we treat (low) back pain, neck pain, headaches, arthritis, leg and arm pain, shoulder pain, numbness (and much more) on a daily basis.

We specialize in applying gentle and relaxing techniques that lead to pain reduction. We follow the protocol we developed in which resolution and prevention play the leading role.

Our goal is to help our patients experience maximum improvement, in a fast, safe and effective way. Without operations, injections and medication. Treatments we provide are reimbursed from the additional packages of health insurers.

Proud member of Waterland Health Academy

Waterland Health Academy is an active and involved part of Waterland Health. This Academy conveys information about a healthy lifestyle. Chiropractie Lichtstad is proud to be affiliated with Waterland Health. We therefore voluntarily donate our time and expertise to companies, institutions, associations and foundations in our immediate area.

As part of Waterland Health, we are challenged annually to invest more time in our environment. Also because a 'normal membership' is not enough for us, we continually expand our services so that we are assigned a higher status. All services are free of charge at all times. Even tips, gifts and services in return are not accepted. “Thank you” is enough.

  • We look forward to contributing to a healthier lifestyle for you and those around you!

What can you expect, and how does it work?

Relaxing 10-minute chair massages, fascinating spine scans, digital analyzes of body postures, interesting presentations on preventing and solving head, neck and back pain. Just a selection of our free services. Everyone is welcome to participate and we won't leave until everyone has had a turn.

We will put together the desired program in consultation with you. A combination of the above services is also possible. We will visit you when it suits you best and will even take care of the registration process for you. All we need is a space in your building where massages, scanning, analysis and/or presentations can take place. Efficient in terms of time investment and you don't have to worry about it.

Contribute to mutual health?

Would you like to contribute to a healthier lifestyle for you and people around you and help the affiliated practices to achieve an even higher status at Waterland Health? Then send an email to


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