What is Chiropractic and a Chiropractor (Doctor of Chiropractic)

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Chiropractic in Eindhoven is art, science, and philosophy. It repairs segments of the spine, repositions vertebrae, and improves nerve function so that muscles can function normally again. All this without prescription of medication.

When vertebrae exert pressure on nerves, muscle function changes. After all, nerves transmit messages between the brain and muscles so that the body can function properly. An incorrectly positioned vertebra leads to abnormal nerve impulses and bodily functions.

The Doctor of Chiropractic training is the same as that of a medical doctor. However, chiropractic emphasizes the relationship between the structure of the spine, muscles and nerves. A study usually takes four years and is followed at university to obtain a Bachelor of Science. The study is then completed in another four years at a university of chiropractic.

The word chiropractic can be split into two words: chiro (done by hand) and practice (practice, action, performing actions). A chiropractor works by hand and with a treatment table so that blockages in the spine can be removed.

The definition of health is the sound of body or mind: freedom from illnesses and complaints. Each anatomical map shows that hips, shoulders, and eyes are placed symmetrically. This is the optimal position and ensures that vertebrae, muscles, and joints can function normally. A change in these positions results in altered muscle function and loss of joint movement. You have probably heard someone say that “he feels eighty”. This is usually the result of an altered position of vertebral levels that has overloaded the joints and muscles.


In our practice, we work with the latest technological applications such as the Myovision scan 8000.

Muscles receive electrical signals from the nerves. The Myovision scan 8000 has been developed to measure the electrical tension of the muscles of the spine.

The task of these muscles is to protect the spine and keep it in optimal condition. This is why it is important to keep the muscles in the back in good shape. If there are subluxations (vertebrae that irritate the nerves) in the spine, the muscles will try to correct it. This causes the voltage to deviate from the normal level.

The Myovision scan 8000 maps this tension (and thus the deviation) and is therefore an objective aid in detecting subluxations.


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